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24/7 ORDER HOTLINE: +234 (0) 808 829 5488

We Are Africa's Largest Global Food Mall - spread across Nigeria, the UAE, the UK and North America -  we Grow, Source,  Package & Deliver (BULK/RETAIL) 100% Nigerian/Natural food products delivered to your door at wholesale prices - simply walk-in to one of our retail malls, partner locations, distributors or order on our global ecommerce store or app worldwide with the RED WEBSTORE button below. Shop with peace of mind OR Call our global sales team 24/7 on +234 808 829 5488..

Fresh Palm-Oil, Natural Honey, Spices & more

Order & we deliver in wholesale and retail packs

We make and supply the best Fresh Palm-oil in Nigeria from our mills as well as 100% Natural Honey and special spices - we do local and global to your door once your order and payment is received.  

Ready to be one of our palm-oil resellers in your city locally and globally; We sell the best quality PALM-OIL Globally - a minimum of 5,000 25Litre kegs weekly. You Order, We Deliver, You Sell at Your Price at your location - it's that easy..

Order your sample 25Litre keg today - our fresh quality will blow you away. 

Special Smoked Inagha -Catfish, Dried Prawns (Oporo), Crayfish (obu) and More

Order & we deliver in wholesale and retail

Require the best smoked catfish, inagha, crayfish, managala, dried prawns (okporo), kpomo, snails, baracuda fish etc - all perfectly dried and spiced and prepacked - talk to us, we do local or global once you order..

Special Flours, Legumes & Grain Mixes

Order & we deliver in wholesale and retail

The best powdered grains - from cocoyam, dates, coconut, yam flavoured pap, plantain, beans, mix-cereal flour, presorted brown, honey and white beans and more; Once you order - we do local and global in wholesale/ retail.

Destoned Ofada, Abakaliki and Nigerian Rice Variants

Order & we deliver in wholesale and retail

The best quality destoned abakaliki and ofada rice as well as locally destoned brown & white premium yummy nigerian rice from our rice farms and mills - our quality is second to non. Place your Order online now - we do local and global in 3kg, 25kg and 50kg bags and packs in wholesale/retail.

Cashew Nuts and More

Order & we deliver in wholesale and retail

We process and deliver specially flavoured Cashew Nuts , dates, groundnuts, Ijebu and yellow Garri and more in wholesale and retail packs to our resellers, delivery centers and partner malls everywhere. once you order - we do local and global to your door.


Dried Snails, Smoked Catfish (INAGHA), Dried Crayfish and Prawns (Okporo)- etc Available..

Make the most of your orders securely here at The Food Mall; your payments must be confirmed on our webstore before we deliver from any of our malls, delivery centers or distributors or agents - we stock top-class prepacked packs of the finest special plantain, coconut, cocoyam, banana, yam, cassava, flavoured pap, soya-beans, beans flour, bags of destoned ofada and abakaliki rice, brown, white and honey beans in 3, 25, 50 & 120kg packs and bags, special spices from uziza (black pepper), cameroon, red pepper, suya spice, natural honey, onion, ginger, garlic, fish powder and more in bulk or retail.

Dried and spiced snails, catfish (inagha), crayfish, dried prawns (also called obu ekem or okporo), mangala fish, vegetable stock, vegetables like afang, bitter-leaf, oha, editan leaves - dried and more and can be delivered in bulk/retail to your door wherever you are in the world.